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HAAKE refrigerated circulators

The powerful refrigerated circulators in the HAAKE C/DC class are available either in a space-saving vertical version or an ergonomic flat version. The K10 does not require more space than a sheet of DIN A4 paper at the bench. The units K10, K15 and K20 are primarily used at room temperature. The units also feature efficient heat removal even at high temperatures and enable the temperature controlling of external closed liquid circuits at temperatures well below 0°C. Unit selection depends mainly on the required cooling capacity and the desired temperature range.

Temperature range

- 47 … 200 °C

Temperature accuracy

0.0 … 0.04

Heating capacity 230V

1.5 … 2.0 kW

Cooling capacity at 20 °C

240 … 1000 W

Pump pressure/flow rate max.

300/12.5 mbar/l/min

Bath volume

3 … 15 l

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