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Inserts 8mm

Bruker Autosampler Products (formerly Varian)

• Glass products are borosilicate USP class 1
• Strain point : 565°C
• Please note that some manufacturers refer to 2mL vials as 1.5mL or 1.8mL

Our recommended vials, caps and inserts are specifically designed and made for Marathon Spark(Holland) autosamplers, which Bruker LC's are outfitted with. Bruker autosamplers use a 8mm thread screw vial as well as the more convenient 10mm thread screw vials (sometimes called ABC or Wide Mouth vial).

Most chemists prefer 10mm wide mouth vials (PSVT010M-1232) and caps w/PTFE septa (PSC06050BC-10). Also available in a clamshell. For Biopharma applications, we recommend a PTFE/Silicone liner



·         100µL Glass LV Insert, Conical Point, No Spring

·         100µL Glass LV Insert, Conical Precision Point, Plastic Bottom Spring

·         250µL Glass Flat Bottom Insert


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