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Nova Single-mode microwave synthesizer


Single-mode microwave technology in real sense: in the synthesizer, microwave emitted by the magnetron will get into the microwave resonant cavity through a single mode to generate a stable microwave field of high density, and extremely even power and frequency in the cavity, and thus ensure heating evenness and experiment repetition.

Precise PID control technology: to adjust itself automatically within the range of 10 to 500W to accurately control and adjust the temperature in the reaction process, and enable the chemical reaction to proceed as per the preset program.

Precisely temperature and pressure control: to measure temperature with an infrared sensor or insertion fiber optic sensor.
Under airtight condition: room temperature to 250

Under atmospheric pressure: room temperature to 400

Non-touching pressure test and control system: 0 to 20atm

Quick cooling: specially-designed quick cooling apparatus of compressed air can be switched on or off as per the specific demand of the reaction program, which aims to regulate cooling rate through wind pressure adjustment. 

Software system: the operator may set such experiment parameters as power, temperature, pressure and reaction period etc via an outside computer; the operator may also observe the real-time change of parameters during the reaction process; in addition, the operator may observe the equipment operation and experiment process via a laptop remotely, and may also save nd print the experiment results as well.

Atmospheric pressure or high pressure airtight reaction system: its modularized design makes it easier for switchover between the airtight system and the opening system. The maximum volume of the airtight reaction vessel as well as the atmospheric pressure reaction vessel is up to 60ml and 100ml respectively. The operator may observe the reaction condition of the vessel via a computer camera interface; in addition, a glass cooler or a liquid replenishment device may be added additionally as per specific demands.

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