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Welcome at Prosense

Download Centre Instrument Manuals

Below is an overview of the manuals that can be downloaded. All data is saved in pdf format for viewing on your computer screen, saving to file, or printing out. Simply click on the manual you are interested in.
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  BenchTop and portable meters    
B210 ProLine pH-meter 1MB 2007-01
B250 ProLine Conductivity meter 1.8MB 2007-01
F410 SenseLine pH-meter 800kB 2007-01
F430 SenseLine Conductivity meter 700kB 2007-01
F450 SenseLine Plus DO-meter 800kB 2007-01
F470 SenseLine Plus pH/ORP/ION meter 800kB 2007-01
M310 ProLine Plus pH/mV/ORP meter 1MB 2007-01
M330 ProLine Plus Conductivity/TDS meter 1MB 2007-01
M350 ProLine Plus 2-channel pH/mV/EC/TDS meter 1MB 2007-01
M370 ProLine Plus 2-channel ION/pH/mV meter 1MB 2007-01
P822 2-channel pH/mV/DO controller 400kB 2007-01
P862 2-channel EC/TDS controller 400kB 2007-01
  Flame Photometer    
BWB-1 Flame photometer 400kB 2007-01
  Syringe Pumps    
NE1000 1-syringe pump 600kB 2007-01
NE1600 6-syringe pump 700kB 2007-01
NE1800 8-syringe pump 700kB 2007-01





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