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J.A.W. kit reagent - free chlorine 1 month supply

J.A.W. kit reagent - free chlorine 1 month supply

Product number     QC09951
OEM reference     09951
Instrument Type     CLX, 3017M
Instrument Comp.     WATTS, YSI/HACH, Xylem

  • Just Add Water (and supplied with DPD reagent)
  • USEPA accepted DPD method of analysis for measuring Free Residual Chlorine
  • Convenient storage. No possibility of freezing or spillage allowing the reagents to be stored anywhere
Kit content:
  • 1x Free Chlorine Buffer Solution
  • 1x DPD Powder for Chlorine Analyzers
  • 1x Free/Total Chlorine Indicator

The NEW innovative J.A.W. (just add water) Chlorine Reagent Kits have been specifically formulated for use in the CLX Chlorine Monitor. Specific advantages of JAW over current pre-mixed reagents are savings on shipping weight, no chance of freezing making storage more convenient and an extended shelf life of 5 years (before being mixed with DPD).
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