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Economical Educational Kit with Potentiostat

Economical Educational Kit with Potentiostat

Product number     PALM-EDUKIT-ECON

Educational Kits
The educational kit is designed for use as the foundation for an undergraduate electrochemistry lab class. A detailed teaching guide is provided with all of the necessary equipment and electrodes for six electrochemistry experiments. The teaching and student guides contain a general introduction to potentiostats, common electrodes, and each of the individual experiments. The educational kit includes the potentiostat and is available in three options. Each option is tailored to the potentiostat that comes with the educational kit.

  • Copper and Nickel Deposition
  • The Cottrell Experiment
  • Cyclic Voltammetry
  • Detection of Multiple Heavy Metals by Stripping Voltammetry
  • Glucose Biosensor
  • Prussian Blue Hydrogen Peroxide Sensor

  • EmStat3 potentiostat
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Student Guide
  • Platinum working electrode
  • Glassy carbon working electrode
  • Platinum counter electrode
  • Ag/AgCl (3M NaCl) reference electrode (3x)
  • Reference electrode storage container
  • Gold screen printed electrode sensors (20x)
  • Carbon screen printed electrode sensors (20x)
  • Heavy metal screen printed electrode sensors (20x)
  • Polishing kit
  • Retort stand with clamp
  • Sensor connector
  • Magnetic stirrer
  • Stir bar
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