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Dissolved oxygen electrode, 316SS, Ø19x120mm

Dissolved oxygen electrode, 316SS, Ø19x120mm

Product number     QD1912X
Application type    
  • Biotechnology
  • Fermentation

  • Polarisation voltage approx 680mV
  • Output 25-50nA

The steam sterilizable family of dissolved oxygen electrodes are specifically designed for fermentation where it is necessary to subject electrodes to repeated steam sterilization. Dissolved oxygen electrodes are available in both polarographic and galvanic styles to fulfill all requirements. Van London Co. O2 electrodes are compatible with most common O2 amplifiers found in fermentation.
Polarographic electrodes are designed to be used with Van London Co., Ingold IL, Cole-Parmer and Applikon O2 amplifiers, or with other amplifiers that are designed to be used with Ingold dissolved oxygen electrodes.

Dissolved Oxygen probes are available for laboratory fermentation where sterilization takes place in a separate autoclave or industrial applications where sterilization takes place in-situ. The easily replaced electrode membrane cartridge is a unique feature of the polarographic and NBS galvanic dissolved oxygen electrodes. The membrane is of a special construction - a silicone and teflon composite, reinforced with stainless steel mesh. This unique membrane is very rugged and allows for repeated sterilization without damage, allowing it to withstand severe conditions. The electrode operates without maintenance for 5 to 10 sterilizations, fermentation cycles or, in terms of time, for 6 to 8 weeks.
Dissolved Oxygen electrode QD1912X
Range 0..200% - 0..20mg/l
Temperature range (°C) 0..80
Shaft material 316 SS
Shaft diameter (mm) 19
Shaft length (mm) 120
Output 50..60 nA at air (25 °C, 1013 mbar)
Stability Better then 2%
Residual signal < 1 nA
Sterilisation Temperature (°C) 130
Temperature compensation yes
Connector 4-pin
ATC NTC 22kOhm
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