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RDE Carbon Steel Metal Insert - 6.35mm diameter x 40mm long

RDE Carbon Steel Metal Insert - 6.35mm diameter x 40mm long

Product number     QVMF2166XL
OEM reference     MF-2166-XL
Application type    
  • RDE
Accessories for     QVEF1100

  • disposable metal RDE-2 insert is made of standard C1018 carbon steel suitable for corrosion, with 6.35 mm in diameter, and a surface area of 0.52 cm2.
  • Easily screws onto the new, re-designed electrode body (QVMF2165).
  • Available in 2 lengths – 5 mm and 40 mm.

Performing corrosion work and need an electrode suitable for you application? BASi's new C1018 carbon steel, disposable RDE-2 electrodes are now available for purchase! the carbon steel metal insert perfecly screws onto the redesigned RDE-2 electrode body holder (PCTFE) for an easy and low-cost option! The steel metal can easily be replaced, and standard and extra-long configurations are available.

When performing electrochemical corrosion research, at times, the electrodes are exposed to potentials that lead to irreversible corrosion processes, rendering the electrodes unusable after one use. To circumvent this issue, the end-user will need to replace the electrode or “sample” each time, or as often as needed, and thus necessitates one to have access to disposable electrode materials compatible for corrosion work. BASi’s new carbon steel disposable RDE-2 electrodes are now available to allow one to replace the carbon steel metal and keep the PCTFE electrode body holder that dramatically reduces the cost! Steel/electrode body configurations will be available in 2 sizes – standard and extra-long.
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