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Voltammetry (BASI)

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Replacement Double junction chamber for Reference-electrode

Replacement Double junction chamber for Reference-electrode

Product number     QVMF2030
OEM reference     MF-2030
Accessories for     Ag/AgCl reference electrode, Non-aqueous Reference Electrode

  • Double junction
  • Vycor tip

These compact, glass-bodied reference electrodes are available in two styles. The 7.5 cm long RE-5B reference electrode is used for electrochemistry experiments and is compatible with the C-3 Cell Stand, the CGME Controlled Growth Mercury Electrode Cell Stand, and the RDE-2 Rotating Disk Electrode Cell Stand. The RE-6 reference electrode (3 cm) is designed for use with the Electrochemical Flow Cell. All electrodes have a 6 mm OD glass body, and use a porous junction (frit) made from a ceramic material (RE-6) or CoralPor™ (RE-5B). (Note that, due to the high resistance of the ceramic frit, the RE-6 electrode is only recommended for aqueous electrolytes.)

Connection to the cell lead is via a gold-plated pin on the end of a flexible plastic-coated wire (RE-5B and RE-6) An O-ring is included with each electrode. Between uses, reference electrodes should be stored with junction tips in a QVMF5275 vial filled with 3M NaCl.

A double junction reference electrode can be set up using an RE-5B reference electrode with the glass chamber QVMF2030. This chamber also has a CoralPor™ frit, which must be maintained.
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