Voltammetry (BASI)

Voltammetry (BASI)

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Non-aqueous Ag/Ag+ Reference Electrode Kit

Non-aqueous Ag/Ag+ Reference Electrode Kit

Product number     QVMF2062
OEM reference     MF-2062
Electrode type     Non-aqueous Ag/Ag+ Reference Electrode

Kit Includes:
  • QVMW1085 - Non-Aqueous Reference Electrode
  • QVCF1060 - Silver Nitrate – 1 gram
  • QVMF2064 - Porous CoralPor™ Tips 1/8" long
  • QVMF2044 - Reference electrode O-ring, 1/4"

This kit contains the parts required for construction of a non-aqueous silver/silver ion reference electrode. The glass electrode body has a porous CoralPor™ tip attached with heat shrink tubing. The removable Teflon top contains a silver wire and 0.060 " gold-plated connecting pin for the cell lead. The kit also contains solid silver nitrate, extra heat shrink tubing, and extra porous CoralPor™ tips. Non-aqueous solvents must be supplied by the user. An instruction sheet illustrates easy assembly.
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